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The Logo of EEC

Concept: The logo of EEC-IUT is designed based on the four alternative energy sources, i.e., Sun (Solar), Fire (Thermal), Wave (Hydro), and Wind (Air).

  • The Sun and fire represent the natural sources of energy.
  • The green tree represents the green environment with green energy
  • Globe with the Kaba represents the world and the OIC member countries.
  • The blue thick circle surrounding the globe represents the wave energy.

Color: The EEC-IUT Logo focuses on mainly four colors.

  • Yellow and Orange color represent the Sun and flame of Fire.
  • Green represents environment and planet.
  • Blue represents water, ocean, sea, rain drop.


  • First ‘E’ inside the Sun with flame of Fire represents core natural Energy.
  • Second ‘E’ inside Green tree represents the Environment.
  • Lastly, ‘C’ represent centre and is outside of the globe indicates that Muslim ummah of OIC member countries with Kaba are the Centre focus.

Measurements and Units: The core measurement and units used in the logo design follow the Golden-Ratio which is equal to 1.618.

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