IUT Energy and Environment Centre

A synergy of energy and environmental research spirit to co-create human surviving platform.

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Mission of the center

In light of movements against the climate change for the betterment of future generations, sustainable projects are being executed across the globe. IEE-IUT as one of these changemakers, took up the initiative and fulfills its responsibilities of making a positive impact on this global phenomenon by considering the energy and environment together to function proficiently.

The mission of IEE-IUT is to focus on efficient and economical use of alternative energy sources and on ensuring a cleaner environment. These will be ensured by innovating technologies in cooperation with industries at home and abroad, especially in OIC member countries. The solutions will focus on reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency which ultimately address the reduction of Carbon emission footprint of Green House Gases (GHG).

IEE-IUT aims to serve the community in collaboration with the stakeholders and other energy and environment related Centres through integrated researches with different programs of related departments of IUT. It aims to collaborate on pilot scale research projects, support graduate level research, and stimulate education activities related to energy and environment

The goal of IEE-IUT is to be a leading energy and environmental research Centre among OIC member countries and help the community to improve their clean and environmental energy utilization and quality of life.

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