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Philosophy behind EEC

The Almighty Allah declares in the Holy Quran that “If only there had been among the generations before you, persons having wisdom, prohibiting (others) from corruption and villainy in the earth, except a few of those whom We saved from among them.” (Quran 11:116)

By failing to follow the Quranic commands, human civilization have been continuously disturbing the balance of eco-system and biodiversity. Since the inception of the modern age and industrialization the continuous loss of biodiversity, the damage to eco-systems, and the environmental destruction and degradation, are all from the obvious signs of corruption and villainy in the earth by the human civilization due to production of unclean energy. Figure 1 illustrates the global anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

Bangladesh, for example, has also been identified as the 6th most vulnerable to climate change, with a Global Climate Risk Index (CRI) score of 22.67 . On the other hand, the consumption of non-OECD countries (all OIC member countries, except Turkey, belong to non-OECD category) is also projected in Figure 2 to increase within the next few decades.

Therefore, it is humanity’s time and responsibility to restore and undo the erroneous actions and reset it right again to resolve the problems of our beloved planet for the better life, by mitigating climate change due to production of unclean energy.

This requires great effort, courage and devotion to discover alternative source of energy and innovation of new technology related to energy and environment.

EEC-IUT aims to put its cordial effort to restore and preserve the balance in nature. EEC-IUT intends to exercise the synergy effect of energy and environment by reutilizing the educational and research spirit, and to co-create research and education areas that build up a "human surviving platform" lying in environment and energy.

To tackle these energy and environmental issues the United Nations adopted some ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ . Among the 17 goals, Goal 7 aims to give everyone access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy, Goal 12 aims to build sustainable consumption and production patterns, and Goal 13 aims to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

In light of this initiative, the philosophical goals of EEC for the reliable energy technologies by protecting the earth are as follows.

  • Reliable energy and social issues related to energy.
  • Environmental issues, including climate change.
  • Economic issues for realizing sustainable energy projects.
  • Green technologies, and sustainable design.
  • Building policy for utilization of technologies.
  • Assessing the impacts and safety implications related to energy and environment.
  • Technological benefits for all, especially the OIC member countries.

The feasibility of sustainable energy technologies, under EEC, will be assessed under four perspectives: technical, social, economic and political.

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